Testimonials - Our customers tell it like it is!

The Horse & Chains, Bushey

"Newlawn installed our fantastic new garden area. The grass looks amazing, we couldn't be happier. We have more than doubled our passing trade since our Newlawn was installed."

Amy, Watford

"A friend recommended Newlawn and I wasn’t disappointed. The fitting team were on time and efficient. As a resident in a flat with limited access they didn’t moan once and more importantly didn’t create any mess! My balcony looks great and my 3 year old daughter loves it, we definitely use it more so it was great value for money."

Paul, Radlett

"Newlawn undertook a huge job for our garden, although problems arose with planning permission the team took it in their stride and the job was completed successfully and within the set time frame and budget. I can’t recommend Newlawn enough."

Nigel, Bricket Wood

"A great job done by a great team, thanks Newlawn!"

Jill, Rickmansworth

"My garden looks beautiful, thank you."